Through a crisis

The world is going through an unprecedented crisis of a magnitude that has rarely been seen and experienced. The COVID-19 pandemic has killed hundreds of thousands across the world, the world has been effectively shutdown with lockdowns and fear grips the heart of people. To compound the misery and the crisis, places like India has experienced deaths due to Cyclone Amphan and some of the northern parts of India has been ravaged by locusts. Economies have been terribly effected and many people have lost their jobs or have taken huge salary cuts. In the midst of this crisis, people have felt meaninglessness and have been asking many questions. “Through A Crisis” is a set of expositions from the Bible where Capt. Jose Oommen, by studying and exploring Biblical narratives, teaches about the manner in which a Christian can carry on living effectively, through a crisis, fulfilling the plans and purposes of God in this generation.

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