Suicide Prevention Training

Suicide Prevention Training




There are many people grappling with personal challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic across the globe. The need for emotional strength and support is critical in dealing with our personal & professional lives.

The deadly and crippling pandemic is devastating lives, affecting every aspect of human life, be it social, emotional or economic. While each of us are forced to learn new stuff and adopt to new changes, we may be feeling the pressure, especially at an emotional level. Hiding these emotions behind a façade adds to the misery. What is stopping people from reaching out for help? Most people in our context are from a culture where we feel and believe that asking for help is a sign of weakness and shame. There is a need to recognize, understand, and transform this culture and taboo. The message should be that it is alright to seek help.



India is one of the “youngest nations” in the world with an average age of 29 years. There are advantages to this, but, equally, there are challenges too. The competition is intense and increasing and the pressure to perform is high. There needs to be a channel to manage stress. When there is a lack of coping mechanisms, people tend to manage their stress by getting into addictions and so on. Also, the distorted thinking caused by depression plays a large role in suicide making it difficult to imagine a solution to their suffering.

It can be intimidating to talk about suicide or ask people about what they’re going through, but this program will guide you to help someone who is suicidal. The knowledge and information that you would receive from this training program, coupled with your confidence and support can make a huge difference in someone’s life.



Through this program, we aim to help understand the importance of providing emotional support to any individual who is grappling with suicidal ideation and/or depression.



Dates: To be announced.
Day: Saturday
Time: 5 – 6pm
Sessions: 6
Duration: 60 Mins (Each Session)
Course Fee: Rs. 2000/- per participant (*taxes extra)
Participants: 25
Platform: Zoom
Certification: LifeWay Leadership Institute

Course Curriculum

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  1. Suicide Prevention Training


    – I feel proud to have participated in this training. I am very much enriched by this training. During the training program I expressed my pain and regret regarding my son who I lost due to suicide. But I trust all is in God’s plan. God will guide me. My expectation is that, I will accomplish my action plan through God’s blessings.

    – The Facilitator was very much skilled. I have easily understood the explanations. I thank God for giving me this opportunity. Thank you for the excellent facilitation. Thank you for the powerful handouts. The training time was so good for me. Thank you Capt. Jose, Daniel and Sylvia.

    – Thanks Captain Jose for organizing this training. I commit to you that I will share this learning with others in my country, Bangladesh. I request you to specially pray for strength for me.

  2. Suicide Prevention Training


    Dear Captain and Coach, Thank you for your profound teaching and fantastic chemistry towards us. I am glad that this course was one of my first courses in your program. I look up to both of you as role models. I hope that I will have the opportunity to work with you in the future and expand my spiritual and worldly knowledge. It was indeed amazing how both of you made a small forum feel big and family.

    Thank you for leading our discussions with much dedication and it was valuable being exposed to the material you served us. Thank you for your efforts in grading communication and individual feedback. May God bless you both to continue in your mission towards contributing to increasing goodness in people’e lives!



  3. Suicide Prevention Training Course


    I thank our Coach Daniel for bringing awareness of Suicide for us. The lessons were so clearly taught that it was easy to understand and to treasure them in our hearts.
    Thank you Captain for organizing the course.
    This will help me to be a bridge for people to cross over to life.

  4. Be there for those who lost their hope


    The support system is crucial in a relationship. Both family relationships and social relationships. Not everything that happens around us, can be easily predicted, as the busyness and various reasons, sometimes make a person less sensitive to his environment. One of the effects of the loss of a support system is suicide.

    Spiritual wellbeing in combination with family support plays a major role in predicting suicidal ideation. Therefore, the intervention of encompassing spirituality and family support may contribute to a more positive outcome for suicidal prevention. This Suicide Prevention Training, helps us be sensitive and understand in identifying a person’s tendency to commit suicide and providing first aid to the person concerned. Bearing in mind, that suicidal is a very personal issue that (might) not be detected by the other person unless they understand and have been trained to identify it.

    This SPT program is conducted interactively and very practical to do for those who are not from a psychology background or counselor. I highly recommend you to take this training and save those who lost their hope.



    I thank God for sending me to join this wonderful course. Thank you, Capt and Coach D. God bless both of you!

  6. Hope for the Hopelessness


    I would like to thank, Capt, and Coach for organizing such a useful training, I am very happy to be the part of this training program.
    As the issue of suicide is increasing day by day, it is our responsibility to save as much as life we can. People are depressed, worried, and going through so much of pain in their lives. Those who are going through all this problem, they see no hope for them. At that point of time they feel loneliness they are really in need of someone who will understand them. As minister of God we must try to understand them and give them hope for future.
    This training program helped me a lot to broaden my knowledge in the area of how to handle suicide tendency of people.

  7. 4

    Thanking Coach Daniel and Captain Jose for their insights and Godly wisdom during the sessions. 🙂

  8. Life Changing Training


    “Are you willing to commit for this training?” I said “yes.” This training has been a life changing training for me. For so many years I’ve been searching for a community where I can grow and contribute in a field that’s related to helping people in many diverse creative ways especially through counseling where the end goal is to make the world a better place by spreading God’s value in their life. I have a strong belief that God will use this community and the people inside to equip more and safe more and guide more people to the where God want them to be at. The coaches are wonderfully helpful, excellent teachers and positive energy surround us, team. Looking forward to see you in other future courses and projects. We can always clink our cups for any small steps victory achieved..

  9. Very Insightful


    This course taught me many skills to help others in need, enjoyed it thoroughly!

  10. Life is worth living


    With this training program how to learn more about to serve wholeheartedly and faithfully in work/daily or want to learn more about the Bible-based. We can knowing the warning signs, so we can learn how to help prevent a suicide. Amplifying hope for those battling brokenness, depression, anxiety, self-harm, addiction and suicide.
    While there can be no doubt that suicide is wrong, we must not to judge or condemn those who consider, attempt or succeed in taking their own lives.

    Very blessed to join this training program,
    Thank you, Captain Jose and Coach Daniel. God bless both of you!

  11. Very Informative Course


    This course has made me understand the very reason why people go through pressure and commit suicide and also what goes through their mind when they do so. Thank you so Coach Daniel. May God bless the work of your hand and your true dedication to nurture us, even while you were unwell at that time. True soldier of God.


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