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Leaders as Coaches




Leaders as Coaches programme is specifically designed to equip Leaders with coaching competencies and tools that will enable them to lead their teams innovatively to achieve their personal and professional development goals. 

A Coaching Leader continuously inspires team members to take ownership and be accountable for their action. They continue to unleash the potentials of their team members while developing their competencies. This results in emotions that provide intrinsic motivation to perform better. Respect and trust levels increase in Organisations that promotes a coaching culture among their leaders and followers

Leaders who engage in coaching conversation at the workplace demonstrate inclusiveness and create a save space for open and authentic communication. A Coaching culture promotes solution-focused mind-set that creates a strong and positive engagement which translates into a high-performance culture. 

Programme Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the program participants will be able to  

    • Define and explain Coaching as a leadership tool
    • Demonstrate the application of Five Coaching Power Tools 
    • Develop Coaching Competencies
    • Gain & apply Coaching Process to Lead individuals and workplace teams
    • Inspire a Solution Focus mindset through Coaching Conversation
    • Develop and Demonstrate Coaching Style of leadership

Programme Methodologies

The course will be conducted 100% Virtually. The following methodologies will be used to enhance programme effectiveness:

  • Interactive Presentation
  • Group Discussion
  • Coaching Practicum
  • Multi-media review and reflection
  • Individual reflection and journaling
  • Coaching Triads

Who is this program for?

This program is exclusively for Church leaders (Rev., Pastors, Ministry Heads) 

1. A certificate of completion will be issued jointly by Teamcoach International and Lifeway India.
2. The eligibility for this certificate is – full attendance in the online sessions and completion of assignments and report after conducting four coaching sessions with one person of your choice.
3. If anyone desires to obtain certification from the International Association of Coaching, they will be specially guided in the process.

Programme Framework

Module l: Introduction to Coaching (One Session)

  • History of Coaching 
  • Philosophy of Coaching
  • Benefits of Coaching for leaders
  • 5 Coaching Power Tools and Application

Module 2: Coaching Tools & Processes (Two Sessions)

  • Coaching Model
  • Coaching Model Application
  • Coaching Triads

Module 3: Solution Focus Coaching (Two Sessions)

  • Solution Focus Coaching Model
  • Solution Focus Coaching Application
  • Coaching Triads

Please Note: 

  1. One Session will be of 2 hours duration
  2. There will be five sessions in total
  3. Sessions will be conducted over zoom
  4. The schedule of sessions are as follows (five Wednesdays):
  • Session one: 17th March 2021
  • Session two: 24th March 2021
  • Session three: 31st March 2021
  • Session four: 7th April 2021
  • Session five: 14th April 2021
  1. Timings: 5 pm to 7 pm IST
  2. No. of Participants – 25 (max 30)
  3. Language of Program – English


Special Price for Church Leaders

Rs. 5000/- * per participant (an almost similar corporate program will cost USD 800+)

*Subsidised by LifeWay India, who is compensating Capt. Shan

Details: This course will be done live through  Zoom call. We will send you the next upcoming date with details via email. To take the course Please register.


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Course Curriculum

Session 1
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Session 2
Workbook Details 00:00:00
Session 3
Session 3 Details 00:00:00
Session 4
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Session 5

Course Reviews


12 ratings
  • 5 stars8
  • 4 stars4
  • 3 stars0
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  1. Worth learning


    It was truly an eye opener by using simple God given wisdom and understanding, to encourage and build up one another, and to make us identify who we are in Him. Thankyou once again to the entire Lifeway team for putting together this training for the Body of Christ and the rest of the world.

    Blessings, Oscar

  2. Tremendous Course


    I learnt much from Capt. Shan on using coaching as a tool to help individuals, teams and groups. For me the solutions focus approach was extremely helpful. It made me change my perspective in the manner I approach and view issues. The GROW and RESPECT models are extremely helpful tools.

  3. Leaders as Coaches


    Leaders as Coaches course has lot of insights to develop true and godly leaders. By practicing the methods we have learnt will be benefit for both Coach and Coachee. If leaders feel or present themselves as Coach, relationship with Coachee and Coach will be very strong. Coachee will never feel that his/her leader is boss or commander.

  4. Leaders as Coaches


    Leaders as Coaches course has taught me lot as I am looking forward to train people for God’s Kingdom. Now, I got a wonderful tool to use develop leaders by using GROW Model and RESPECT model of coaching.

  5. Leaders as Coaches


    Very easy paced structure, fabulous experience of Capt. Shan, simple and easy to understand content and very good approaches/tools shared for us to be eqiupped to conduct coaching sessions. Sufficient discussions and practice sessions to help us discover the pitfalls to avoid in coaching. Personally, has been a blessing for me to connect, learn and now to implement.

    Thanks a bunch Capt. Jose for organizing this. More than being the trainer, organizing a session takes a lot of effort…setting it up, spreading the word around, several phone calls, explanations, justifications, resolving user connectivity issues ….and do all that with a smile…Kudos to you Sir!

  6. Leaders as Coach


    I recommend that every Church leader must have this training in their kit. Leaders as coach course was indeed a great learning and understanding. It has changed me a lot and putting me into a better leader today. It was indeed an amazing learning process, interactions, group discussions, raising concerns and right issue, all was so good. Thank you so much Captain Saan Moorthy, Captain Jose and all the life way team! A briliant journey! A course must for every leader!
    Bishop Michael Herenz
    Diocese of North E




    1. well organised & planned
    2. team work was shown by captian shan
    3. team work was implemented using breakout sessions
    4. different models were shown ( GROW & RESPECT )
    5. its a mind shift session – on the toolbox of a leader who needs to know coaching
    6. captain shan infact surprised me by giving a one to one session when i volunteered to be a coachee for a demo – that was one of my best sessions of my life
    7. i like the full team under captain shan – they had the same zeal and goal for the participants

    i would highly recommend any christian organisations or network to take this course to be benefitted for the kingdom extension

  8. Very Informative Course


    Good learning in this course. Thank you Capt.Shan Moorthi and Capt Jose.

  9. Excellent learning


    The content of Leaders as coaches was very good. The time given to engage and be involved in the process in breakout rooms and then those discussions used for further learning were excellent.
    The discussion on how we used the learning during the weeks was also very good, It felt like learning on the job

    Thank you, Captain Shan

  10. Enjoyed the course


    It was good to be able to do this course. Capt Shaan was very clear in his communication and also sensitive to the needs of the audience. There was ample time to review concepts and ask questions. There was a lot of confidence that was generated because of the one practice coaching session. It might have been nice to have several more coaching practice sessions – either as demonstration by the instructor or practice for the participants. The last session spent a lot of time on culture which seemed a bit disconnected from the actual crux of coaching itself.
    But overall I feel a lot more confident to take on the role of a coach and look forward to my sessions

  11. Leaders as Coaches


    The Presentations were very good and clear. They were balanced giving credence to other disciplines as well. Presenting coaching as one of the ways of helping people and groups.
    What I liked was the application to groups of people not just to individuals.
    I have been blessed by the sessions personally as I began to apply it to my context and saw good results.
    Just one suggestion that we have this for maybe one or two weeks longer. More practice coaching under supervision.
    I am sure many Christian Leaders can benefit from this.
    Thank You Very much, Capt. Shan and Capt. Jose and the other leaders on the team. Great job.
    God Bless You
    Rev. John R. A. Simeon

  12. Invaluable Tools For Every Leader


    You don’t have to choose life coaching as a career to study this course. Its application to everyday life and work is invaluable and the need of the hour in a time such as now, aka 2021. The faculty are not just experts in their field, but possess the ‘heart of a servant’ that every true leader & coach must have. I’ve been inspired and now have some great tools to add to my toolkit. *I highly recommend this course!*
    PS – Would love to see more women learning these skills too!

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