Foundational Theological Training

Foundational Theological Training

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Serving God competently requires a thorough study of God’s Word and, then, its practical application. These modules of the introductory study will provide systematic teaching on all the Books of the Bible, their implications in spiritual warfare, Bible prophecy, how to defend your faith, the duties of church leaders and the function of the church. They are appropriate for all Christians, especially those in leadership roles.

The content of all the three modules is intended to sharpen and expand your study and interpretive skills as well as improve your teaching proficiency in training disciples. Research, lesson/sermon preparation and preaching modules will help you succeed in doing the work God expects as leaders and fulfill the functions of a local church body. Christian leaders must also provide a solid testimony of God’s love through our marriages and families. These modules will help you see where the Lord is not being glorified and represented in our homes and how God wants to bless, use and strengthen our family relationship for His glory and our benefit.

The combined study of these modules will deepen your understanding of the Scriptures. Their life-transforming application will drive you into a deeper love, respect, commitment and relationship with the Lord, your family and others.


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Course Curriculum

Introduction Details 00:00:00
Spiritual Growth & Discipleship Details 00:05:00
What God Expects of Pastors Details 00:05:00
Studying the Bible Details 00:05:00
Preaching & Teaching the Bible Details 00:05:00
What God Expects of Churches? Details 00:05:00
Course 1 Quiz 00:05:00
Bible Overview 1 Creation to Moses Details 00:00:00
Bible Overview 2 Joshua to Split Details 00:05:00
Bible Overview 3 Prophets to Silent Years Details 00:05:00
Bible Overview 4 Life of Jesus Details 00:05:00
Bible Overview 5 Acts to Revelation Details 00:00:00
Course 2 Quiz 00:10:00
Why We Believe Details 00:05:00
Leadership Lessons from the Bible Details 00:05:00
Marriage and Ministry book Details 00:05:00
Spiritual Warfare Handbook Details 00:05:00
Biblical Prophecy Details 00:00:05
Course 3 Quiz 00:10:00
Conclusion Details 00:05:00

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