Dive Deep

Dive Deep


Introduction to the course 

Bible study programs aim towards increasing a believer’s knowledge about and of the Bible and also teach the books of the Bible. While there are plenty of programs and courses that achieves that objective, there are few programs that equips a believer to study the Bible on their own. At times, these programs offer only theoretical knowledge on how to study the Bible. There are not many programs that guide a believer to have an experiential knowledge of studying the Bible and its hermeneutic application. A guide, mentor or teacher who will not only teach the theoretical aspects, but also lead them into an experience of the revelation of the Word through a dependence on the Holy Spirit of God is critical to having an intimate relationship with God and fulfilling His will and purpose.

“Dive Deep” is a series that attempts to guide believers to develop a deeper understanding and experience of God’s Word. It will aim to equip and enable believers to study under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, who through His revelation, will not just enable believers to have knowledge of His Word, but will enable them to bring every area of their lives under submission to the authority and governance of God, willingly and purposefully.


Program learning outcomes

Upon completion, a believer should be able to:

  1. Have a clear understanding of key terminologies related to studying the Bible
  2. Research and present learnings
  3. Exegete passages from scripture
  4. Detect false teachings, false teachers and any deviation from a correct understanding and interpretation of God’s Word
  5. Have a daily and deeper intimacy with God, thereby fulfilling His will and purpose
  6. Answer everyone who asks to give the reason for the hope that they have
  7. Enable others to dive deeper into God’s Word


Program methodology

The course will be conducted 100% virtually. The following methodologies will be used:

  • Introduction of keywords
  • Researching and self-study
  • Question and Answer sessions
  • Teaching how to do exegesis
  • Exegesis presentations by participants/ Learning Circles
  • Times of reflection

Who is this program for? Any believer who desires to have a closer walk with God.

Fees: FREE (Participant can pay as desired. For account info, please write to us at care@lifewayequip.com)

No. of sessions: 11

Start Date: To be announced

Frequency: Every Friday evening from 6 pm to 8 pm Indian Time

Facilitators: Capt. Jose Oommen, Pastors Francis Fernandez and Josephine Fernandez

Certification: Certificate of Attendance by LifeWay Leadership Institute



Course Curriculum

Module 1
Dive Deep 2 Session 1 00:00:00
Dive Deep 2 Study Notes 00:00:00
Module 2
Dive Deep 2 Session 2 00:00:00
Dive Deep 2 Study Notes 00:00:00
Module 3
Dive Deep 2 Session 3 00:00:00
Dive Deep 2 Study Notes 00:00:00
JPO_Exegesis John 5_39-47 00:00:00
Module 4
Dive Deep 2 Session 4 00:00:00
Dive Deep 2 Study Notes 00:00:00
Module 5
Dive Deep 2 Session 5 00:00:00
Dive Deep 2 Study Notes 00:00:00
Dive Deep 2 Session 6 00:00:00
Dive Deep 2 Study Notes 00:00:00

Course Reviews


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  1. Outstanding course


    This course has taught me how to dive deep into the word even more. It was an amazing journey in discovering the word of God even in a greater way.

    Ps. Jose is a wonderful teacher and also, during the course he encourages us to pursue with confidence to enfold the word with the basic fundamentals. He is very kind, loving towards us.

    Thanks to Ps. Jose, now I am able to understand the word even better. I highly recommend this course!!

  2. An Impactful Journey with DIVE DEEP


    This was my first time attending an online Biblical course, and Dive Deep was a unique experience right from day one of the course.
    Capt Jose, the organizer of the course was so willing to teach me more that he had prepared for the course, which made it very comfortable for me to learn for my personal improvement. Besides, we as participants were split into dedicated groups which required us to have additional discussion and also encourage one another in prayer. This was an amazing experience of meeting new people across the world, and growing together in God’s word despite the geographical and timing differences.
    I have personally grown in understanding the Bible through a different perspective as we mastered a new pattern of reading God’s word through Capt Jose’ guidance in Dive Deep.
    I am so pleasured to have joined this course and I have gained a greater vision even in this short span of time. Personally, the course is a great study tool to explore God’s word and build a deeper connection with Christ our Father.

  3. A Very Refreshing Dive Deep


    Alleluia , Thank and Glory to God for “LifeWay Equip” ,
    Thanks a lot to our dear Pr Capt Jose , thank you for your obedience to our God, Lord and King , thanks for investing wholeheartedly your life and resources to equip us : It have been a great blessing to go into a Dive Deep in The Word , He increased my desire , love and passion for Him , He is The Word , so I have been going deeper and deeper in love with Him by His grace and work of Holy Spirit . I enjoyed too the beautiful fellowship with brothers and sisters Diving Deep .
    Let’s keep extending and establishing His Kingdom …

  4. Deep Dive Course Excellency


    This course has equipped me to use bible study tools effectively to go deeper to understand and apply the Word of God in my life as well as to help others. The perception of one has to attend bible college to get deeper understanding of the Word of God is overcome by this course. Capt Jose has been engaging, encouraging and empowering the students throughout the course. His facilitation style is filled with grace, empathy and appreciation. I strongly recommend this course is considered by anyone who would like to establish a personal relationship with God our Father and Lord Jesus Christ.

  5. 11/10. would recommend !


    Over the course of this program I learnt and dived deeper into understanding the word of God, it’s various
    readings, interpretations and thoughts. Knowing truth from just a hunch and being able to understand the
    original intent of God’s word is a habit that this program helped me channel and exercise.
    With well researched information and very interactive sessions, there could be no better mentor than
    Capt. Jose! His style of teaching, delve into personal stories and a very intelligent sense of humour makes
    his sessions very appealing!

  6. Diving Deep in the Word of God


    This is a fantastic course and I would recommend everyone to take up this course. The format of this course, Dive Deep, challenged me to actually learn the Bible deeper by dissecting every Word of God which was certainly an eye opener for me. It has been a great experience to learn from Ps Jose throughout this Dive Deep session and I thank God for this opportunities to journey with the entire Dive Deep family.

  7. An Eye-opening & Empowering Process!


    Was an eye-opener and an immense blessing to go through this course with Ps Jose.
    There were 3 main things that has helped in me starting to dive deep in the word:
    1) Ps Jose heart to share & break the word for us from dimensions I’ve not even considered or known to look from. The approach of encouraging us through the LEARNING process helped to build the confidence slowly but surely.
    2) The structure of starting with foundations of how to read the word effectively followed by lots of group work & individual work almost immediately.
    3) Breaking us up into smaller learning circles where we had to discuss, dissect and challenge our understandings openly in a safe space, while preparing to share as a group.
    Overall, the program has now given me the confidence and a foundation to study the Word of God more effectively.

  8. 5

    Thank you Jose and Lifewayequip for organising and conducting this Bible study.

    Truly I had an awesome experience and personally encountered Christ many times in HIS WORD.

    You were very enabling, encouraging,gave us instructions and directions of how to use the Bible tools, as well as developing curiosity and intimacy with God Our Father.
    Coming back to the 1st Love, HIS WORD!

    One of my take aways is how you “mediated learning” by asking pertinent questions, that developed curiosity, discernment, and to reflect on my life and my own understanding of the scriptures.

    I would say this to anyone who’s interested…….DON’T MISS IT- its life changing!!!

    Thank You Jose for all your hard work and dedication to equip us. May The Lord richly Bless You.

  9. Unlocking the Deeper Truths


    The instructor made a big difference in the way he created an environment for learning. He was encouraging, getting us to become more curios and become insatiable when it comes to desire to learn. It was deep and many new perspectives shared by each and every participant. While it was useful to learn the tool yet it was also about How richness of the word of God is to come alive in our life. It transformed my being. Thank you Jose and I thank every participant for their contributions.

  10. Dive Deep


    Thank you Capt. Jose for the wonderful time given to us, learning deeper things from the bible. Thank you for opening our spiritual eyes to see the hidden treasures in the bible. Now we are able to understand God’s word in a new and a different way .
    Thank you for spending your precious time with us.
    May God bless you and your ministry.

    Chrysanthe & Christobel

  11. Going Deeper


    Thank you for opening my eyes and teaching me to dive deeper. The methodologies used are an excellent. They opened for me the depth of the word of God and how to apply the learning to my living.

  12. Dive Deep Book of Galatians


    This session on the Book of Galatians helped to look at the Bible differently. Previously, it was just reading the word but now as I read, I picture the historical background, the “tone” of which it is written to, who is written for and the purpose behind. It gives me a better understanding and appreciation in a whole new perspective and dimension.
    A very BIG thank you to Capt Jose for taking time and effort in imparting this to me.
    God Bless you and your family and the Ministry.

  13. Deep Dive


    This course has been very inspirational. It was nice to have a different perspective of the ancient biblical patterns. The course teaches one to research the Bible and not read with a literal understanding only as the are secrets that God has hidden in his word for us all. Capt Jose is a dedicated knowledgeable tutor and son of God. Thank you for your time and teachings of the word. We pray for added wisdom, grace and love on your life as you continue to tutor more people in the world. From Keenan and Nancy.

  14. Dive Deep


    The course was overall good and informative.
    There was a great exuberance from the course teacher, Capt Jose.
    Appreciate his zeal and enthusiasm.

    The course however could have been more focused, condensed and somewhat more targeted to the course goals.

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