LifeWay Equip is the Church’s online learning platform. It is designed as a platform for every church member to be equipped and made fruitful for the Kingdom of God. Through courses, teachings, programs and activities, LifeWay Equip will cater to every group within the Church. We will have theological institutions, organizations and subject matter experts to be actively involved with the portal in order to serve church members from across the globe. Our desire and aim is to offer trainings and resources in every language. Most of these courses will be certified by the LifeWay Leadership Institute, and, in case where a course is offered by a theological institution, the certification will be done, jointly, by that institution and Lifeway Leadership Institute. 

LifeWay Equip is created, facilitated and managed by LifeWay, the world’s largest providers of Christian content. LifeWay publishes books and Bibles under the Broadman & Holman (B&H) Publishing Group imprint. LifeWay is a non-profit organization that reinvests income above operating expenses in Kingdom work around the world. LifeWay’s ministries reach the world through millions of Christian products used in more than 160 countries, including India.

LifeWay Resources provides Bibles and books aiming at age-group products, including small group studies, Vacation Bible School, Leadership development, Church consulting, Discipleship, Music, Worship, Marriage and Parenting. Its B&H Publishing Group imprint produces Bibles, books, audio and video products, and Church supplies, selling to bookstores, other retailers as well as academic institutions. B&H titles include The New York Times No. 1 bestsellers “The Love Dare” and “The Vow,” No. 1 CBS bestsellers “I Am a Church Member” and “Fervent” as well as the newly revised Christian Standard Bible (CSB) translation. In South and South East Asia, we are encouraging leaders to contribute by addressing church members within their context and, later, also in their local languages. In India, we have published resources such as “I’m Changed” by Merilyn Jemimah Amirtharaj, “Grace of God and Flaws of Men” by Anand Mahadevan, “The Art of Raising Leaders” by Stanley Mehta and Rajiv Chelladurai’s “Fearless in Battle.” Other resources too will be released soon.

LifeWay Publishing India Pvt Ltd was registered in India to serve the Church in India, and in South and South East Asia. Our endeavour is to serve the church in her mission to make disciples by providing all our services and resources that is contextualised and translated in the languages of this region.  We exist to honour God and serve churches by designing trustworthy experiences that fuel ministry.

Message from the Director

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